Videos I have watched

Tekkit part 1, planning the jaffa factory.

From that to number 51, then from number 89 to 127.

Flood – save the villagers!  There are glowing pumpkins that are villagers and you have to break them before the flood reaches them or you will lose.  The flood is steadily getting higher.

Crazycraft orespawn modded survival episodes 1-12

Cake defence 2 the movie.  You upgrade your sword, defence, armour against 24 waves and the waves gradually get harder.  Every 10 waves there is a piggy bonus that is a pig with speed and you have to kill it to win £100.  The last 2 waves are every hostile mob in Minecraft.

Villager defence.  There are villagers and there are zombies and you have to stop the zombies from killing all the villagers or you lose.

Kryptic kingdom parts 1 to 8.  There’s a quest, a map made by MC Miracle who is a friend of Stampylongnose, you have to complete multiple quests to finish the map.  Near the end, you will get a white egg that says “Spawn”, it will spawn a giant zombie.  Then there is a rose with knockback 20 and there a detector rail that will instantly kill anything.
WARNING may contain lots of redstone.