Maps I have played

Herobrine’s mansion.  You gain armour and weapons, you start off with a wooden sword and as you go through you gradually get armour.  In the end, the armour is so strong that you are easily able to fight bosses but also at the end you have to fight Herobrine and the Wither.

Herobrine’s return.  Is much like Herobrine’s mansion but it now has 8 bosses instead of 4.

Zombie siege.  You purchase barricades and TNT cannons to fight ever growing waves of zombies to defend the villagers.

Cake defence 2.  You start out with a bow and a wooden sword, and you have to upgrade to protection 4 diamond armour and a sharpness 3 diamond sword with strength 2 if you want to survive the ever growing waves up to 24.